Straight running plastic modular belt conveyor

Short Description:

- Belts are available in many different profiles and materials to suit almost every application.
- Positive direct sprocket drive ensures no tracking problems.
- Robust heavy duty belt types resistant to cuts and hot products.
- Available in many belt configurations, flat-top, perforated, slotted, flighted and grip top.

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 Product name  Plastic belt conveyors
 Frame structure material  304 stainless steel
 Modular belt material  POM/PP
 Voltage(V)  110/220/380
 Power(Kw)  0.37-1.5
 Speed  adjustable(0-60m/min)
 Angle  90 degree or 180 degree
 Application  widely used in food,beverage,packaging industry.
 Installation advice  Radius is the 2.5-3 times of the belt  width
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1. Square rolls can make the materials filled evenly in the packages, then the packages will be in regular shape.

2. Simple structure, smooth in operation, long life time ,low noise and low investment.

3. Easy maintenance, transmission components are detachable, if any one spare is broken, just change this spare, it can save a lot of cost and time.


Food and beverage

Pet bottles

Toilet papers


Tobacco manufacturing


Mechanical parts

Aluminum can.

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