High Quality Rotative Vertical Lifter Conveyor With Fork

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Rotative Vertical Lifter is a lifting or descendingequipment with good stability and suitable for wide range of goods, mainly used for the transmission of goods between the height difference. Rotative Vertical Lifter and its infeed and outfeed conveyors form acomplete of continuous conveying system.It is suitable for vertical transportation of finished products in the fields of logistics, storage, household appliances, food, medicine, tobacco, coating and chemical industry etc.

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Run direction
 Upward / Downward
Infeed direction
 Straight infeed / Side infeed
 Outfeed direction
 Straight outfeed / Side outfeed
 Minimum infeed height
 Maximum lifting height


This type of hoist is composed of a frequency converter, a drive motor, a hoist frame, a chain, a support plate, etc. Its working principle is to use a frequency converter to drag the four transmission chains on the frame to rotate, and the load-bearing
support plates installed at a certain distance on the chain are driven by the chain to complete the goods? There are several cycle steps for lowering, exiting, and pallet return.


CSTRANS Rotative Vertical Lifter can be integrated into most solutions, providing entry and exit in different directions, as well as multi-in and multi-out. It is not only used for the vertical transport of goods, but also realizes the automatic sorting for goods at different floors in the vertical direction.

1.High efficiency:no wasted time from reverting pallets,high efficiency.

2.Continuous working in two ways.

3.Fully automatic with input and out put conveyors

4.Compact in size,either indoors or outdoors


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