Plastic Flexible Chain Conveyor System

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CSTRANS side flexible conveyor system is based on aluminium or stainless steel profiled beam, ranging from 44mm to 295mm width, guiding a plastic chain. This plastic chain travels on low-friction plastic extruded slide rails. The products that are to be conveyed ride directly on the chain, or on pallets depending on application. Guide rails on the sides of the conveyor ensures that the product stays on track. Optional drip trays can be provided under the conveyor track.

The chains are made from the material POM and are available in a wide variety of designs for virtually all applications - with an adhesive surface for inclines, with steel covering for sharp-edged parts or flocked for transporting very delicate items.

In addition, a large number of different cleats are available - rollers in a wide range of dimensions for accumulating products, or flexible cleats for implementing clamping conveyors. Furthermore, chain links with embedded magnets can be used to transport magnetisable parts.

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CSTRANS flexible plastic conveyor system  fit the curves and elevation changes of your plant with the flexibility to be easily reconfigured when those things change. Multiple curves, inclines and declines can be included in a single conveyor.


1.Supporting Beam
2.Drive Unit
3.Supporting Bracket
4.Conveyor Beam
5.Vertical Bend
6.Wheel Bend
7.Idler End Unit
9.Horizonttal Plain

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Flexible conveyor line automation system for enterprises to create higher benefits,  plays an obvious role in the production process, such as:

(1) Improve the safety of the production process;
(2) Improve production efficiency;
(3) Improve product quality;
(4) Reduce the loss of raw materials and energy in the production process.

Flexible chain plate conveyor lines run smoothly. It is flexible, smooth and reliable when turning. It also has low noise, low energy consumption and the maintenance is concenient. If you are looking for a high quality flexible conveyor system, the CSTRANS flexible Chains conveyor line offers superior efficiency and productivity for virtually any application. This model is one of the best flexible conveyor systems on the market.


With these advantages, it can be widely applied to the industries of assembly, detection, sorting, welding, packaging, terminals, electronic cigarettes, clothing, LCD, sheet metal and other industries.

Ideally suited for the beverage, glass, food, pharmaceutical and paint industries.
(1) Typical fields of application are the transportation of bottles, cans or small cardboard boxes in the area of feed and interlinking.
(2) Well suited for wet rooms.
(3) Saves energy and space.
(4) Can be quickly adapted to new production and environmental conditions.
(5) User friendly and low maintenance cost.
(6) Suitable for all industries and compatible with existing systems.
(7) Simple and fast configuration and commissioning.
(8) Economical realization of complex track designs.

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The advantages of our company

Our team has extensive experience in design, manufacturing, sales, assembly and installation of modular conveyor systems. Our goal is to find the best solution for your conveyor application, and apply that solution in the most cost-effective way possible. Using specialized techniques of the trade, we can provide conveyors that are higher quality but less expensive than the other companies, without sacrificing attention to detail. Our conveyor systems are delivered on-time, within budget and with the highest quality solutions that exceed your expectations.

- 17 years of manufacturing and R&D experience in the conveyor industry.

- 10 Professional R&D Teams.

- 100+ Sets of Chains Molds.

- 12000+ solutions.


To avoid various malfunction and properly extend the service life of flexible chain conveyor system, following four precautions are recommended to be taken

1. Before the startup of the operation, it is necessary to check the lubrication of the operating parts of the equipment frequently and refuel regularly.

2. After the speed reducer run for 7-14 days. the lubricating oil should be repalced, later can be replaced in 3-6 months according to the situation.

3. The flexible chain conveyor should be checked frequently, the bolt should not be loose, the motor should not exceed the rating current and when the bearing temperature exceeds the ambient temperature of 35℃ should be stopped for inspection.

4. According to the usage of the situation, it is recommended to maintain every half a year.

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