High quality continuous vertical conveyor (CVCs)

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Increase production and save floor space with this continuous motion vertical case conveyor. Its design is compact, simple and reliable. This conveyor can be synchronized with adjacent equipment to adapt to changing production conditions and provide maximum throughput with little or no changeover time between products. Our vertical case conveyor can be incorporated into new product lines or retrofitted into existing ones.

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Height 0-30m
Speed 0.2m~0.5m/s
load 30~200KG
Temperature -20℃~60℃
Humidity 0-80%RH
Power Min.0.75KW


Continuous vertical conveyor is the best solution for lifting all kind of boxes or bags for any height up to 30 meters It is movable and very easy and safe in operation We Manufacture customized vertical conveyor system as per the requirement of the industry.   It helps to reduce the cost of production.   smooth & fast production.


CSTRANS Vertical Lift Conveyors are used to elevate or lower containers, boxes, trays, packages, sacks, bags, luggage, pallets, barrels, kegs, and other articles with a solid surface between two levels, quickly and consistently at high capacity;   on automatically loading platforms, in “S” or “C” configuration, on a minimum footprint.

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