What is Reciprocating Lift Conveyor?

What is Reciprocating Lift Conveyor?

Reciprocating lift conveyor is just a lifting equipment that reciprocates up and down.

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Features of the reciprocating lift conveyor: The reciprocating lift conveyor is driven by a chain, and the motor is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation to reciprocate the lifting car up and down. The lifting car is equipped with a transmission mechanism so that the transported objects can automatically enter the lifting car of the elevator On the carriage. This type of hoist has the characteristics of advanced control, reliable performance, and high car positioning accuracy.

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1. The reciprocating elevator conveyor can be divided into Z type, C type and E type according to the import and export conveying direction;

2. Lifting speed: <60m/min (chain drive mode);

3. Lift stroke: 0-20m;

4. Maximum delivery cycle: > 15s/piece (depending on the stroke);

5. Load: <4000Kg;

6. Automatic operation, and equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure personal and cargo safety;

7. The material can be transferred in the upper and lower travel of the lift car, and in a cycle of the lift car, the material can flow in two directions at the same time;

8. The lifting travel range is large, but at the same time, the conveying capacity decreases with the increase of the travel;

9. The reciprocating elevator uses the up and down reciprocating movement of the elevator car to achieve vertical conveying of materials. The elevator car can be equipped with different types of conveying equipment, and cooperate with the inlet and outlet conveying equipment to fully automate the conveying process, thereby improving production efficiency;

10. The reciprocating elevator has various forms (fixed or mobile), flexible layout, and materials can enter and exit the elevator from all directions, which is convenient for the layout of production equipment;

11. Compared with the inclined elevator, it saves space, but the conveying capacity is not as large as the inclined elevator;

12. Type of conveying material: packing box, pallet, cardboard;

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